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Pests of Stored Food

Granary Weevil Indian Meal Moth Rice Weevil
Rice Weevils are around 2 mm long with a long snout. The body color appears to be brown/black with four orange/red spots on the wing covers. The female uses strong mandibles to chew a hole into a grain kernel after which she deposits a single egg within the hole and seals the hole with secretions from her ovipositor. The larva feeds and develops within the grain, upon exiting it leaves a hollow casing.

Granary Weevils are all over the world and are a common pest in many places. They can cause significant damage to stored grains and may drastically decrease yields. The females lay many eggs and the larvae eat the inside of the grain kernels. They are also known as grain weevils or wheat weevils.

The Indian Meal Moth, sometimes known as the North American High-Flyer, is a moth of the Pyralidae family. Its larvae (caterpillars), commonly known as wax worms, are a common grain-feeding pest found around the world, feeding on cereals and dry grain products.

In the absence of physical specimens, conclusions can be drawn about the insect infesting the product by observing the damage done to the food. By noting the type of food and the damage done, an accurate conclusion can be drawn as to the type of insect, as well as, the type of control measures which are needed.
Prevention Tips
• Dispose of contaminated food.
• Store foods such as rice, cereal, grains, spices, etc. in refrigerators or tightly sealed containers.


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