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Cat Flea




The cat flea, is one of the most commonly encountered fleas. The cat flea's primary host is the domestic cat, but this is also the primary flea which attacks most dogs. The cat flea can also maintain its life cycle on other carnivores. Rabbits, rodents, ruminants and humans can be infested or bitten, but cat fleas usually cannot be sustained by these hosts.
A few fleas on adult dogs or cats cause little harm unless the host becomes allergic to substances in the fleas saliva. They transmit a disease called flea allergy dermatitis. Small animals that become infested can lose enough bodily fluid to fleas to cause dehydration. Cat fleas can transmit other parasites and infections to dogs, cats and humans.
Prevention Tips
• Have all pets flea dipped or bathed
• Wash all pet bedding
• Cover, caulk or seal all holes, cracks and crevices.
• Vacuum floors and throw away the bag.
• Screen all vents to keep other flea carrying dogs, cats, etc. out.


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