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Blow Fly




Blow-flies (commonly known as carrion flies, bluebottle flies, greenbottle flies or cluster flies) are insects in the Order Diptera, family Calliphoridae. The name blow-fly comes from an older English term for meat that had eggs laid on it, which was said to be fly-blown.
Adult blow-flies are occasional pollinators, being attracted to flowers with a strong odor resembling rotting meat. Blow Flies are also attracted to dead insects/animals. These flies utilize nectar as a source of carbohydrates to fuel flight. The visual stimulus a blow-fly receives from its compound eyes is what is responsible for causing its legs to retract from their flight position, allowing it to land on any surface.
Prevention Tips
• Clean and sterilize areas where flies are found. Steam clean if necessary.
• Thoroughly sweep and mop.
• Have drains properly treated for decomposed matter.
• Thoroughly seal and clean all bottles since many bottles contain fly-attracting liquids.
• Place all fruit, vegetables, breads, and condiments in the refrigerator or freezer.
• Seal or repair all cracks and crevices as they are excellent nesting and breeding sites.
• Eliminate all water sources, including leaks, puddles and flooded areas.
• Remove dead insects/animals.


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